What a RIP-OFF!


Rip-Off Report Complaint Rebuttal

Dave from Phoenix, Arizona was upset at a car dealer for wasting his time and he filed a complaint with against the particular dealer and in so doing mentioned in his complaint. 

Several search engines picked up the reference to Select Your Gifts and a link to the Rip-Off Report shows up when you do a search. 

Dave mentioned that the quality of the gifts offered by Select Your Gifts were junk and he felt that the gifts were not worth the shipping and handling charges.  Dave never contacted Select Your Gifts and he never placed an order… he just came to this conclusion by looking at his printed certificate. 

There is no way to get a hold of Dave… no phone number, no address, no email.  We called Ed Magedson, the owner and registered agent for and spoke to him on the telephone for over 90 minutes (in fact the battery on his cell phone finally ran out).  I personally took Ed to our website and showed him the gift that the person complaining received.  Ed said, and I quote “Wow, what a great gift, what more could you want for just test driving a car!”  Ed even mentioned that he would drive 50 minutes each way just to get the gift even if he was not interested in purchasing a car.  

I showed Ed the various gifts on the website and explained how the program worked… he was particularly interested in the As Seen On TV items and could not believe that we could offer such nice gifts for only $7.95 shipping and handling which happens to be the exact same shipping and handling you would pay if you purchased the items on TV for full price of $29.95. 

I also explained to Ed, the owner of about the fact that when someone went to a particular search engine and typed in that the only thing that came up was his Rip-Off Site.  I told him that his report is unfair and that we certainly give our customers exactly what we promise.  Ed agreed with me, but he would not adjust his website or the negative report.  Instead he told me that my company should PAY HIM $5,000 and he would do an independent review of Select Your Gifts and give us a favorable report because he had just spent 90 minutes understanding that “we give great value to the consumer”… “what more could they want for test-driving a car”. 

Ed went on to tell me that we would get “all kinds of business out of this bad report” because people would see the NEGATIVE and then when they click on the actual report he would make a POP UP come up that would say that we are indeed a good company.  He did qualify his response by saying that he would endorse Select Your Gifts, but he would never say a good word about the auto dealer because “he hated auto dealers”. 

I told Ed we were submitting a rebuttal to the posting they placed at their website.    We sent in several rebuttals, but Rip-Off would NOT post it at their website.  Ed, the owner, insisted that we pay the $5,000 and then qualified the request for money stating that “the $5,000 would only cover 4 Rip-Off Reports mentioning our company.” 

I went on to tell Ed that there was NO RIP-OFF.  No one paid any money, no one received poor service, no one received inferior products, and no one purchased a car and paid too much, in fact no one even contacted us here at Select Your Gifts.  I asked him point blank… where is the Rip-Off?  Ed went on to say that he was just a consumer advocate that allowed people to vent their frustrations.  He did say that “this person went overboard” and “his complaint was unjustified.”

I then asked Ed to take the Report off of the website.  He said he could not do that and that his website was designed to allow people to vent their frustrations. 

Ed then repeated his statement saying “that we should pay the $5,000… we will be very happy with the results.”

At that point Ed’s cell phone went dead.  

Needless to say, we did not pay the $5,000 to Ed.

Our Select Your Gifts product has been given to over 500,000 families that have visited car dealers and we have received two (2) negative comments on sites of this nature.  In both cases the complaint was against the dealer and we happened to be mentioned as an after thought.   The certificate does exactly what it says, the recipient receives $1,000 worth of merchandise and they only have to pay the shipping and handling and a one time $5 per order fee.  Thousands of customers have received gifts in every state and we do whatever is necessary to keep the customer happy.

Dave from Arizona has every right to state his opinion, but its just that… an opinion.  He received exactly what was promised and never took advantage of the shopping spree certificate.

Select Your Gifts prides itself on the fact that we have been in business for over 26 years and have a happy and satisfied customer base.  Dave from Arizona, if you read this, please go to and use your certificate.  We are sure you will be delighted with the products you receive.    


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